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Welcome to the home brew setting of Epoa.

Character Creation

This is a classic D&D fantasy world with some minor additions, such as the relatively new introduction of black powder, homebrew races, such as the Jojoban Mousefolk, and the possibility that your preconceived notions of what it is like to be a human or monster, may not be so well defined after all. Epoa is a land of great history and conflict between and within race, religion and countries. Things that unify also divide and sometimes the unlikeliest of heroes are the ones to save the day.

It will be rare to find a Dragon in this setting, if you do at all. During this age, dragons have been gone for the past thousand years. A great dragon war erupted across the material plane, pitting Takhisis and the cult of the dragon against Bahamut and all mortal men and beasts alike. The legends say that Bahamut gave up his status and power as a god in order to banish Takhisis from the material plane, but damage had already been done. The wars raged for years until the land itself was torn asunder and civilizations were toppled, many never to recover. A hatred grew for dragons of all kinds in the minds of mortal men, and all of the races began a process of extermination, without quarter to any dragon they could find. This blatant racism did not stop at dragons. Those with dragon blood, sorcerers, dragonborn, even the lowly kobold were hunted down and slaughtered in droves. Dragons were driven from all of Epoa and kobolds are rarely seen, but the dragonborn were able to hold off against their pursuers by taking refuge in one of the few places of tolerance left in the world. A city poised on the edge of the never-ending desert, simply named, The Sands; Andolem.

Eyopan Kingdoms

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