Kingdom of Mertensia

Mertensia stretches from The Prickers and Soth’s Morass in the northwest to Smallwood in the southeast. It lies pinned between the mountains to the south and The Stone Sea to the north. It shares a border with the Kingdoms of Anaea and Smallwood to the south and east and to the Hennish Empire who has laid claims to Soth’s Morass to the north. Mertensia also lays claims to the majority of the islands that fill the Stone Sea.

Political Relations:

Henn: (Status: neutral)
The country to the north tends towards the constant contest of islands and small claims of land, but usually does not have the resources to contest Mertensia. That isn’t to say that Henn isn’t friendly. The Henns are a militaristic people with high nationalistic tendencies and a strong penchant for competition.

Anaea: (Status: At peace)
Anaea and Mertensia were once part of one Kingdom until 120 years ago the birth of twin heirs to the throne set the two nations into a dismal civil war that lasted 15 years. The war was fought to a stalemate when the elves of Smallwood could not take the aggregation of incursions on their lands. They marched out in force from their forest homes, attacking both sides and sending the war into utter Chaos. Prince Anaeus and Prince Merten carved the former Kingdom into two separate pieces and have remained at peace ever since.
Uojal: (Status: At peace, heavy trade)

Cities of Note:
Port Stonesea

Power Structure: Parliamentary Kingship.
The government of Mertensia is led by King Pod the Third of his Name, Queen Adrianne and a parliamentary body made up of the heads of noble houses. As a law, the heads of each house must reside in Stonesea for at least three months of the year. Most nobles do this over the winter months in order to oversee their lands more effectively during the spring and summer months when most activity occurs in their provinces.


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