Kingdom of Anaea

Anaea ranges from Spells End and the North Isle to Evergaurd in the south and reaches to the mountains and Keoth’s Pass. Much of the land is covered by short grasses and shrubs and the land is relatively arid. Still, Anaeans have learned to cultivate many useful agricultural products like olives and grapes. Anaea is famous for its wine. Goats are also a very popular livestock especially to the western mountains near Wheaton.

‘The Gift’

The feature that makes Anaea stand out is its rigid structure. Every facet of the culture demands discipline. Twice a year, mages from Spell’s End and Evergaurd travel from town to town testing the children for any magical inclinations. They will even pay for knowledge that leads them to a gifted child. Once found, these children are taken from their homes to train at Spell’s End or the Temples of Everguard through to early adulthood. At Spell’s End they will learn of many schools of magic. Those that are deemed capable are trained to become War Mages for the King’s Army, destined for a life of service. Others who fall short of their expectations are led towards more martial endeavors.
Those children who show an affinity towards divine types of magic are taken to the capital city, Everguard, and seat of power for the religious. Here, the acolytes train to become clerics or their deity. Those who show martial prowess often are pressed into service as Holy Knights, wielding the sword as well as divine might, taking oaths to crown, country and honor. Most often, paladin serve the realm and are positioned as officers in the King’s Army or city officials charged with overseeing the law and order of the realm.

‘King’s Service’

For those not gifted in arcane or divine magic do not escape the disciplined life of the Anaean. All those that do not possess ‘the gift’ must report to the capital upon the first day of the spring of their 14th year and serve a mandatory 2-year term as squire. Following their term as squire, those healthy and able, are trained as foot soldiers for a term of four years. Once their term as foot soldiers is up, the youth are free to go on with their lives as they see fit, until called upon again by their King.
The best of the foot soldiers move quickly through the ranks and are given special training, often elevating them to the level of skilled fighters, some even earn Knighthoods or are assigned to the Mithril Guard, the King’s personal escorts.


Occasionally, students of Spell’s End or the various acolytes at Everguard will abandon their studies or never show up to begin with. For those who simply do not attend, their families are often heavily fined, sometimes loosing land or title if they have any and forfeiting it to the King. Those who desert after having received training are considered rogue mages, scoundrels, fugitives and are charged with treason.


Because of their discipline and effectiveness, many Mertensian nobles and wealthy Uojali merchants have tried to pay their way into having their sons or daughters trained in Anaea, however it is very rare that outsiders would be allowed, as it is a strict piece of their culture they do not like to share military secrets often.

Political Structure: Kingdom

Ruled by: King Henrick the Reborn and his Queen Adria Magikus.
The King’s Council is composed of the highest officials of Everguard. Among these officials are the Three Commanders and the Covenant of the Faithful. Currently, the commanders are Paige TrueStrike, Human commander of all paladin of Everguard, Tai Feng the half-orc barbarian, always the first into battle followed closely by his personal entourage the Frenzy, and finally Nix Riversong, the half-elf magician who is said to summon savage beasts to aid him and his fellow war mages into battle. The Covenant of the Faithful consist of the High Priests of each of the faiths.

Cities of Note:

Spell’s End
Keoth’s Pass


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